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Success isn't just about achieving goals; it's about embracing challenges, learning from failures, and continuously evolving. Each setback is an opportunity for growth, and every success is a testament to perseverance. Every journey is unique, and your path to success may not resemble someone else's. Embrace the losses, celebrate the victories, but never lose sight of your dreams. With determination and resilience, we have the power to turn our aspirations into reality.

Adnan Manna


Services That Fit Your Requirements

Explore our tailored solutions to elevate your brand, and drive business growth with confidence and clarity.



Understand goals, evaluate current state, identify improvement areas, and opportunities.


Develop customized plan aligned with objectives, tailored to unique needs.


Implement plan with precision, crafting compelling content, deploying effective tactics.


Provide continuous support, monitor performance, and adjust for sustained success.


A Full Suite of Revenue Generating Services

Stand out authentically. Craft a unique identity that resonates with your audience and sets you apart.

Make an impact. Let your skills and experiences shine with a professionally crafted resume.

Grow your business. Attract, engage, and convert high-quality leads into loyal customers.

Establish your online presence. Create a visually stunning and user-friendly website that reflects your brand.

Amplify your reach. Engage and connect with your audience through strategic social media campaigns.

Boost visibility. Drive targeted traffic to your website with effective paid advertising campaigns.


What People Say About Our Work.

I recently got German job seeker visa and have to look for jobs from India. I approached him for resume writing and few other trainings required for job search services in Germany. Mr. Adnan understand the requirements in a better way, eventually providing the utmost valued services to the client. I got decent enough response from him, he services are meticulous. Additionally he offers and shares most relevant information he has. Thanks for that Adnan. Happy connecting with you.

I was impressed with Adnan's approach to resume writing. He really focuses on making your strengths shine. The process was smooth, and he was very responsive. It's clear he knows how to tailor a resume to catch an employer's eye. I felt my resume truly reflected my abilities after his work.

Engaging Adnan for my resume writing was a transformative experience. His exceptional ability to present my career graph with clarity and impact was outstanding. The document he crafted was not only informative but also engaging, illustrating my professional path with precision and creativity. His commitment to encapsulating my personal brand in the resume truly set me apart in the job market.

My collaboration with Adnan on my resume was incredibly fruitful. His expertise in articulating career narratives is exceptional. The resume he prepared for me was a masterful blend of professionalism and personal touch, highlighting my accomplishments while reflecting my individuality. His strategic insights and meticulous attention to detail resulted in a compelling document that not only narrated my professional journey but also amplified my marketability. The confidence it instilled in me as a job seeker was invaluable, and I attribute a significant part of my career progress to his outstanding....

Adnan demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of ATS algorithms and the ability to strategically incorporate relevant keywords and formatting to improve my resume. He took the time to understand my unique career goals, experiences, and strengths, tailoring the resume to highlight my skills and accomplishments in a way that was both accurate and engaging. Adnan attention to detail, ensuring that my resume was free of errors, typos, and formatting issues that could potentially hinder its effectiveness. Throughout the resume-building process, they maintained clear and open communication, addressing any questions or concerns....

Sir has given me insight on resume building and made my resume more effective . it's my pleasure to he guided by him . Resume is also focused on the skills and are personalised which are alot helpful . He clarifies every doubt and also provided me alot of resources which give me knowledge about new softwares and also helped to improve my skill set

I'm genuinely moved by Adnan Manna's expertise as an ATS Optimized Resume Writer. He didn't just edit my resume; he transformed it into a powerful career story. Thanks to his deep understanding of ATS, my resume shines brighter than ever. His dedication ensured that my voice and aspirations echoed perfectly in both my resume and cover letter. Adnan's personal touch made me feel valued and understood. In the maze of the modern job world, Adnan is a beacon. Heartfelt thanks, Adnan.

Adnan helped me with writing my resume making it crisp and added value to it. Moreover he guided me to optimize my linkedin Profile by sharing an amazing guide with me. I am really impressed with the work and caliber he put in to help me seek better job opportunities. kudos !

Adnan is a creative and strategic resume writer. He can craft resumes and cover letters that stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.He goes above and beyond to deliver excellent service and satisfaction to his clients. I highly recommend Adnan to anyone looking for a resume writer who can make a difference in their career. He is a talented and trustworthy partner who will help you reach your full potential.

Adnan is a top-tier resume expert and career mentor. His guidance was pivotal in securing my ideal job. He's well-versed across various fields, ensuring resumes and cover letters are perfectly customized. He pinpointed my career objectives and strengths, offering crucial self-marketing tips. His revisions made my documents compelling, attracting several offers from leading firms. His dedication is evident. I strongly endorse his services.

Adnan excels in resume crafting and career coaching, playing a key role in my job acquisition. His broad industry insight ensures personalized application materials. He clarified my professional aspirations and key skills, providing essential marketing insight. His enhancements to my resume and cover letter were significant, leading to numerous offers from industry leaders. Adnan's commitment is unmatched. Highly recommended for anyone looking to advance their career.

I strongly endorse Adnan Manna for his services and customer focused approach. Adnan consistently exceeds expectations to ensure that clients are satisfied. His commitment, to understanding and fulfilling customer requirements is truly admirable. Adnans professionalism and meticulousness make him an invaluable resource.

I recently got German job seeker visa and have to look for jobs from India. I approached him for resume writing and few other trainings required for job search services in Germany. Mr. Adnan understand the requirements in a better way, eventually providing the utmost valued services to the client. I got decent enough response from him, he services are meticulous. Additionally he offers and shares most relevant information he has. Thanks for that Adnan. Happy connecting with you.

I had a positive experience working with Adnan Manna sir. Not only was he friendly, but he also crafted a well-tailored resume for me, considering my status as a fresher. Additionally, he provided valuable supplementary materials that will undoubtedly aid me in my job search. I appreciate the attention to detail and would recommend his services to others looking for effective resume writing?

If you are looking for a perfect ATS optimized resume that will boost your applications which has become a necessity as per the current job search trend regardless of the country in which you are looking for a job, Adnan is the guy for you! His perfectly tailored resumes and cover letters will not only help you stand out among the applicants but also boost your confidence in securing the job. He provides all the necessary support you need including linkedin profile optimization, interview questions and various other guides for....

His professionalism and meticulous attention to detail were beyond commendable. Adnan has a remarkable talent for understanding career aspirations and he skillfully tailored my resume to accentuate my strengths and accomplishments in a way that truly resonated with my career objectives. His expertise as a resume writer shone brightly through his work, making my resume not just a document, but a standout narrative of my professional journey. Working with Adnan has given me great confidence,I'm deeply grateful for his dedication and highly recommend his services to anyone looking to make....

Mr. Adnan has done a great justice in building a great resume for me. His insights and tactics were phenomenal and apt. I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative period of work with him with utmost professionalism and learning. He not just helped me build a great CV but also gave me additional knowledge on all the possible corporate aspects. It definitely uplifted my skills and helped me outshine with my prospects even better.  

It was an absolute pleasure to have Adnan review my resume. His insightful suggestions and expert knowledge allowed me to restructure my resume effectively. With Adnan's guidance, my strengths and accomplishments are now showcased in a way that truly sets me apart in the job market.

I am incredibly grateful to Adnan for his invaluable guidance during my resume review. With his assistance, I was able to overhaul my resume, transforming it into a powerful marketing tool that showcases my skills and achievements in a compelling manner. Adnan's keen eye for detail and strategic approach made all the difference.

Adnan's resume review session left a lasting impression on me. Through his meticulous analysis and thoughtful feedback, he helped me refine my resume to convey a clearer career narrative. His insights were instrumental in optimizing the presentation of my experience, resulting in a more engaging and cohesive document.

I had the privilege of receiving a comprehensive resume review from Adnan, and I must say, his expertise and attention to detail are second to none. With his guidance, my resume underwent a transformation that showcased my achievements and abilities in a more compelling and impactful manner.

Adnan was quick to respond throughout the process. He was able to create the perfect resume that outlines my skill-set and experience. I was very impressed by how incredibly he improved my resume was after the initial rewrite. The finished Resume looks pleasing. I strongly recommend Adnan for his resume rewriting services for anyone who wants/needs to refresh their resume for a job search.

If you need a resume writer, think about Adnan. He makes a resume that shows your special skills and experiences, so you stand out. Adnan learns about your career goals and writes the resume just for you. He works hard to make sure it's high quality and doesn't miss any details. He also gives you helpful tips for doing well in interviews. Adnan is a great resume writer.

I highly recommend Adnan for his Resume writing. He created a perfect Resume for me which caught the attention of the recruiters and I started receiving more calls. He is highly experienced in his resume writing capability. Adnan also taught me how to be independent and modify the resume in the future based on the experience once the resume was created.

Adnan is a superb resume evaluator with the kind of experience that he brings undoubtedly reflects the resumes that he builds. Adan generated a high-value great resume for me with minimum disruptions or delays and supplied excellent service in hand. I endorse Adan for the services he gives and really impressive.

I highly recommend Adnan for anyone looking to improve their resume and overall job search strategies. Adnan's expertise in resume writing is evident in the high-quality guide and template he provided me, which were both easy to follow and helped me create a more professional-looking resume. In addition to his resume writing services, Adnan also provided me with a cover letter writing guide, a LinkedIn profile optimization guide, and other beneficial resources to help me in my career. Adnan's excellent communication skills and professionalism made him a pleasure to work....

I can confidently say that Adnan's expertise and guidance were invaluable in helping me create a standout resume. His resume writing guide covered every aspect of the thought process that goes into creating an effective resume, from crafting a compelling summary to highlighting key accomplishments. Throughout the process, Adnan provided personalized feedback and guidance, helping me to tailor my resume to my specific goals and strengths. Thanks to his guidance, I now have a resume that I feel truly confident in sharing with potential employers. I would highly recommend Adnan....

Adnan Manna is an exceptional professional when it comes to upgrading resumes. I found him through LinkedIn and was impressed with his thorough and detail-oriented approach. He took the time to discuss various aspects and sections of my resume, providing valuable suggestions on format, design, content, and structure. He even provided unique recommendations for the profile summary. I was delighted to have found someone who was truly efficient in their work and gave enough time to discuss for an impactful outcome. If you're looking for a quality resume upgrade, I....

Adnan is a great source of knowledge. He is very professional and extremely personable. You can tell he genuinely cares to help others with his incredible resources. He's knowledgeable about how resumes are processed nowadays (ATS, recruiters, hiring managers, etc.).I strongly recommend seeking his expertise and support to allow you to succeed in your career path further.

I got a really good resume from Adnan's professional resume writing service. In every aspect, the guide displayed unparalleled mastery, displaying expertise that few can match. By using his feedback, my resume was fine-tuned, resulting in a professional document that represents me well. My experience with Adnan is truly unique, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for a killer resume.

Came across Adnan profile in LinkedIn while searching for good resume services. Though it has been only short period but it is great pleasure to recommend Adnan for the services he is providing. Once connected with him thru LinkedIn and informed my requirements, he was immediate to understand the further needs. His way of understanding the clients is quite unique and gives recommendations in accordance to their to domain and fields of expertise. Looking forward to connect with him again.

Adnan's thorough and detail-oriented approach will leave you blown away. From providing valuable suggestions on format, design, content, and structure to crafting a unique profile summary, Adnan's efficiency and willingness to discuss everything with you make the experience truly impactful. With Adnan by your side, you can rest assured that your resume will be exceptional and stand out from the crowd. Don't settle for mediocrity – choose Adnan Manna for a winning resume.

I had the pleasure of working with Adnan for a resume rewriting service, and I could not be more impressed with his work. Adnan took the time to understand my career path and goals, and he provided me with a resume that not only highlighted my skills and experience, but also helped me better understand and appreciate my own professional abilities. His attention to detail was impeccable, and he provided me with guidance and suggestions that significantly improved the content and structure of my resume. Throughout the process, Adnan demonstrated....

If you're in need of a top-notch resume writer, Adnan is the professional you're looking for. With years of experience in the industry, Adnan has a talent for crafting compelling and effective resumes that highlight your unique skills and experiences. He take the time to understand your career goals and tailors writing to meet your specific needs, resulting in a personalized and impactful resume. Adnan's attention to detail and dedication to quality ensure that you'll have a polished and professional document that sets you apart from the competition. Moreover, he....

Adnan is a terrific resume reviewer and a writer. With the kind of experience that he brings surely reflects on the resumes that he builds. Adnan created a high value terrific resume for me with minimal disruptions or delays and provided an excellent service in hand. I 100% recommend Adnan for the services he provides and thank him for all his efforts.

Adnan understands his work and I highly recommend him to people who want a professional resume for their career growth. He tailored the best possible resume for me which looks fantastic. If someone is willing to seek professional resume writing contact Adnan, you will never be disappointed. I was really amazed to see the final results. Thank you for the service.

Adnan is an expert in Resume Writing, also he gives tools which makes one independent & capable to do further improvisations, it was a smooth journey associating with him on Resume Writing. He is a Thorough , Result Oriented , Time Committed & Very Responsive & Responsible Professional. His way of staying with clients & their challenges is awesome, with this drive & continuous learning & focus, he is bound to reach greater heights.. Wishing him all the very best...

I highly recommend Adnan Manna to anyone looking to improve their resume. The service was efficient and effective. Adnan took the time to understand my career goals and tailor the resume to my specific needs. I received well-written resume-writing tips which I think will help me stand out in the job market.

I came to Know about Adnan Manna on the LinkedIn Platform. I got impressed with his ‘About and ‘Recommendations section and contacted him immediately to review my Resume. He Really impressed me with his efforts. I would recommend everyone to contact him to brush up your resume. He will definitely not fail to impress you. In addition to this, he provides complimentary tools to optimize LinkedIn Profile, Interview tips and 1000 hours of free courses. That’s ???? percent worthy.

It surely was a great experience for me to know Adnan for resume review. Through looking for a new job opportunity, I’d definitely recommend to have a resume reviewer like him, who gives clear cut advice and tips, which gives you new insight to brush up your resume . Adnan is a kind and friendly person who you can seek advice on resume building in a comfortable manner, and very prompt in response and someone you can trust

Adnan have been a very resourceful connection. Not assisted, but guided through on HOW to and WHAT to do. His skills to explain and guide through are just exceptional. Assisted with niching down and even provided me with free template to reach out to potential prospects.

Adnan is an excellent resource, and a master at resume writing. He has been a real gem. She makes sure he completes his work way before the deadline and that also with the highest standards. He is a knowledgeable, hardworking and dedicated person who will complete your project within the given time frame. I would definitely recommend and endorse Adnan for all your job seeking needs and of course, resume writing! he is a very hard working and talented person.

Adnan is a highly proactive individual, with a keen eye for details. He helped me rectify the way I approach recruiters and gave me valuable insights too. He went the extra mile and sent over multiple templates to use when connecting with recruiters and tips on how to bypass a certain LinkedIn restriction (which is quite important to know as a jobseeker!). I was in awe of this enthusiasm and positive approach. I urge jobseekers to contact him for any help and support and benefit from his expertise!

Adnan is a highly motivated individual and has good experience in resume writing and personal branding. He is passionate and has his own may to make you feel the same. He is the perfect person if you need any help with your resume!

Adnan has rectified the pain areas from my resume. He has converted it into a working format that is compatible with all of the HRMS used worldwide. I have been more confident in getting interview calls with the resume written by Adnan. Now it is focused, neat and transparent with effective sentences. Thank you, brother, for your help.

Adnan helped me with not only my resume, but he took out time from his busy schedule to help me with as much career guidance advice as he could. He spoke with me like an elder brother. I am now much more confident about my ability to get a job thanks to him. Thank you, Adnan.

Not many people can be as detail oriented as Adnan when it comes to resumes. He revamped my resume to a level that I did not think my junior level experience would reach. He has so much knowledge of how a recruiter thinks! Adnan’s willingness to help and go above and beyond are truly admirable. He is amazing at making you realizing your self-worth. He is a great friend and a mentor. I strongly recommend Adnan as a great resume writer and a great motivator!

Adnan is a resume writing genius. He has an outstanding work ethic and can dissect a resume bit by bit. He is a professional, honest, and positive person. It is a pleasure and honor to recommend Adnan to anyone who wants to work with him for their resume/CV. He is truly a gem.

Adnan helped me realise the importance of a great resume. He explained in detail where mine had gone wrong and where I could make actionable improvements. He was very thorough and showed a detailed understanding of a recruiter's mindset. I have learnt a lot from him. He is very honest, and does not make you pay for things you don't need. He'll treat your job search like his own when he designs your resume. Would recommend to all jobseekers.

My initial conversation with Adnan portrayed his level of confidence, expertise, and knowledge. The way he analyses resumes is just top-class. His attention to detail and ability to catch even the tiniest of mistakes in a resume is crazy. His clear communication skills impressed me as well. Adnan would be a true asset for job seekers in building their resumes and landing ideal jobs. If you want to revamp your CV and actually get a job, I would definitely recommend him!

I found Adnan to be easy to work, who made my resume greater and I was really impressed with results. He had robust knowledge about trends in resume writing & optimization industry. Highly professional approach. I chose resume+Linkedin option and I am overwhelmed by the positive response from recruiters. I will definitely recommend Resume Kiosk to all my friends and colleagues and use them myself in future.

Adnan communicated through the whole process. He made sure to highlight many of my skills, even those I did not think would be important on a resume. He was considerate and offered advice, and was efficient in the time it took getting back to me. He provided a few classes I could take online also, that would help continue my education. 10/10 would recommend!

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